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I'm Michael Serwa

High-end Life Coach, Speaker and Author.

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I change lives.
I don’t improve them,
I change them.

I’ve always been into psychology, personal development and high performance. I’m in a great place right now because I’ve designed it that way. And if I could do it, so can you. If you’re willing to do the work, that is.
To date, I’ve worked with around 400 men and women on a one-to-one basis. I’ve also made an impact on many of those who came to any of around 250 events on a wide variety of personal development topics I’ve spoken at, and those who have come into contact with my writing.
I love what I do and I love those with whom I do it. My job is to make you feel great about yourself and your life. And I do just that.

More about me

Someone’s called me the Russell Brand of coaching, and another, the Chuck Norris of coaching. I don’t know about the latter, but you get the idea.

Other things you might like to know about me:

I’m not always happy.
I’m 33 and I can’t drive.
I occasionally coach my coaches.
I can’t handle heat nor spicy food.
Sometimes I feel lonely – having more friends than anyone I know.
If I drink cocktails, they’re always the most ‘girly’ (sweet and colourful) ones.
I’m prepared to try everything once. Except for heroin. And sex with a man.
People say that my kitchen looks like it’s never been used. That’s because it hasn’t been.

I used to be a lifeguard, but I don’t like swimming. Or any other form of cardio for that matter.
I cry every time I watch a particular scene of Forrest Gump, my second favourite movie of all time.
I came to London in 2005 by bus because I couldn’t afford a plane ticket. It took me 27 hours and I don’t recommend it.
I used to think that I’m a man and therefore I can’t wear pink. Now I think that I’m the man and therefore I can wear whatever the hell I want.
When I was 17, I left school and never went back. It was one of the best high schools in my city. It took my parents 10 years to get over it. Now when I provide for them, they don’t even mention it funnily enough.

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Who I Work With

My personality and coaching style are too much for most people, which is ok as I’m not a coach for most people.

I only work with winners.

I work with people who either are successful already, or at the very least, have firmly decided to become successful.
I regularly turn away those who aren’t a good fit. Those who would be either too much hard work, or those I know I would struggle to deliver a remarkable result to. If someone isn’t a good fit with me, I politely tell them so. The only way I can assure 100% success rate is by only working with ‘my people’. The chosen ones will receive the value far exceeding their both monetary and time investment in the process. I’ve coached a wide variety of extraordinary individuals from their 20’s to their 60’s. I’ve worked with presidential candidates, CEOs of multi-billion pound corporations, millionaire entrepreneurs, bankers, traders, doctors, lawyers, artists, senior executives, property developers, designers, architects, coaches and consultants. If you like to play small, be average, that’s your choice and I respect that. We are not right for each other though.

I only work with people who aim for gold in this game of life.

It’s not important to me whether you’re a man or a woman, how old you are and where you’re from. What’s important is how committed you are to the process; how badly you want to change something in your life. When the commitment of the client meets the expertise of the coach, there is nothing that cannot be done. My clients work with me because they’re ready to get to the next level. They’re ready to go outside of their comfort zone and reach a new high. I serve them powerfully, without fear of hurting their feelings or ego. I help them to achieve the best results as quickly as possible using my signature no-bullshit approach. I’m often the only person in their lives who has the balls to be brutally honest with them. The only person who can make them see what they cannot see themselves. Sometimes your best thinking is wrong, and I’m going to tell you when I think so. No matter who you are. It’s okay if you don’t fully believe in yourself and the impact you can make in the world when you come to me. I will believe for both of us until you do, too.Most people live mediocre lives, and on their deathbeds they look back and regret those lives. Not my clients.


I only offer either three-, six- or twelve-month-long coaching programmes. And it’s me who decides which one you will need, not you.

My clients don’t pay per hour, per session, or per month. They pay (upfront) for the result, and I get results by being in their lives for either three, six or twelve months when they have 24/7/365 access to me.

I often build very strong relationships with people I work with over the time we spend together. They often tell me things they don’t tell even their partners or best friends.

You see, there is coaching, and there is my coaching.


The areas I cover include:

peak performance/maximising your potential
goal setting/taking action
gaining clarity
overcoming procrastination
work/life balance
motivation/energy level
personal development

stress reduction
weight loss/gain
addictions/bad habits
time management
social/communication skills
business start-up
interview techniques
body language
public speaking


My fees are bespoke. When we decide to work together, I will make you a proposal based on a number of factors. Either way it will be significant. I bring enormous value to my clients’ lives and I charge accordingly. O, and if you quit, there will be no refunds. I also have a brilliant, carefully selected team of associates, so whatever your budget is, we can help you. The initial consultation is free. During this meeting (which takes approximately an hour) we talk about your current situation and find out whether we are right for each other. People often tell me about profound shifts taking place just as a result of this initial consultation. It could be a conversation unlike anything you’ve experienced in years. You might be shaken up with a new perspective on life from the get-go. Please note that by agreeing to meet me, you are agreeing to be coached right there already sometimes. Please note that I don’t hold back. Ever. My clients and I work together, and their lives often change beyond recognition. This opportunity will cost you more than money, though. I’m going to need your energy and commitment as well. Let’s talk when you are ready. And your life will change.

From Good To Amazing:
No Bullshit Tips for The Life You Always Wanted.

I’m the author of a very well-received book called From Good To Amazing: No Bullshit Tips for The Life You Always Wanted. It’s a collection of my top tips from different areas of personal development, written in a conversational and direct style, with a few personal stories here and there. The book is designed to give readers a compassionate kick in the arse so they can become a better version of themselves, living happier and more fulfilling lives. It’s a fresh take on the self-help genre. It deals with some of the most serious parts of life in a light-hearted way, straight to the point and jargon free. One of the Amazon reviewers made me laugh by saying: ‘Amazingly, this book summarises ALL the other personal development and self-help books on my vast bookshelves. If my husband knew this he’d make me throw all the others away and keep re-reading this one…’. I’m currently writing my second book called: Love Everyone, Take Shit From No-One: The Art of Social Dynamics.

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The Michael Serwa Show

In 2015, I shot 49 episodes of The Michael Serwa Show, a show where I invited fun, inspiring, and making shit happen in the world people, to talk about things I'm interested in, such as: personal development, social dynamics, entrepreneurship, success, health & fitness. Please note, they're conversations, not interviews.

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The Coaching Movie

I’m taking part in The Coaching Movie, the world’s first full-length coaching documentary also featuring the likes of Jack Canfield, John Demartini, John Gray, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, which is expected to be released early 2017.

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Contact me to schedule our consultation where we discuss an opportunity of you becoming a client.

There is a wait list of a few weeks, but occasionally you can see me within 24-48 hours if I have any last minute changes in my diary. If you need to talk to me ASAP, tell me and I will find a way to meet you ASAP.

I work Mondays through Fridays from 11.30am till late (out-of- hours and weekend meetings available if needed).

I always reply within 24 hours, so if you don’t hear from me, check your spam folder.